Having Some Fun with Wood Slab Design | Syracuse, NY

  • 2 min read

What exactly is it about wood slabs that make them so enticing, so stunning and so captivating in any room of a home or office? We have some thoughts about that...For one, wood slabs are rich and have a warmth to them. They have a terrific texture that makes them tactilely inviting. They also look beautiful. Not to mention, the live edge is a huge draw for many of our Syracuse, NY clients.

Why else opt for a wood slab dining room or kitchen table for your home? Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for going with wood slab furnishings is because you can really have some fun with design. In the world of interior design, there is a great deal to be said about the "fun" factor!

Why Wood Slabs are So Much "Fun"

So what exactly makes a wood slab piece fun to work with and consequently design around? The answer is basically because they can literally be transformed in any way, shape or form into almost anything.

And at the same time, the wood slab maintains its own super unique character. Think about it, whether a bookshelf, table, desk, bench, you name it, the wood slab is readily identifiable because of its inherent character, because of that distinctive live edge, because of the movement and shape of the slab.

And that's the other thing--wood slabs are so incredibly versatile in terms of what they can be used to create for your Syracuse home or office space. We've made so many interesting and different pieces out of oak wood slabs, walnut wood slabs and maple wood slabs among numerous other species. We have created tables of course, live edge kitchen island tops, desks, end tables, coffee tables, side tables, coat rack systems, computer stations, conference room wood slab tables, the list could fill this entire page.

Finally, the "fun" factor of working with wood slabs comes from the craftsperson. We enjoy what we do, immensely so. We love the entire process, start to finish, from finding that perfect tree for our Syracuse clients' projects to milling the wood to drawing up the design to the finishing stages. Our passion and our heart go into every single piece. Because we have so much fun creating wood slab live edge furniture, the customers can feel it in their pieces. And that makes us incredibly happy.