Jesse & Joshua Phelps

As far back as 36 years ago, Jesse exhibited a passion for woodworking and consequently learning all there was to learn about trees and timber. He entered an 8th grade science fair with a project showcasing indigenous tree species—including a cross-cut exposing the end grain, a ripped section showing the long grain, and the round side highlighting the bark. His dad's
chainsaw in hand, he set to work.

After entering the construction field in high school, Jesse worked as a contractor/carpenter for the next 20 years. Throughout his tenure in the construction field, Jesse always maintained a deep interest in making fine furniture out of trees that were otherwise destined to be turned into mulch or left to rot. He collected every available tree he could, amassing millions of board feet. His next step: get a sawmill, kiln, surfacer, and find the perfect shop in which he could craft the kinds of pieces that would make for amazing finished products.

As Jesse was busy establishing what would become Woodsman Design Studio, his son Josh was helping all along—his little helper. Like his dad, Josh was born with a keen interest in turning fallen timber into exquisite furnishings; it wasn't long until he was sanding tops and refining his skills. Josh completed his bachelor's of science in forest resource management. By the time he graduated, Josh was already an accomplished craftsman. He took over the business and works side-by-side with his dad—still at times apprenticing when it comes to those aspects of woodworking and furniture building that take practice to master. Although arguably, Josh has become better than his dad when it comes to sanding a top to perfection. His eye is unparalleled and picks up the slightest deviation…This is something you are born with.

Together as a team—with Josh covering the everyday logistics of the business and continuing to master his trade and with his Jesse developing new products and sharing the overall workload—Woodsman is putting out high quality furniture that truly will last a lifetime.