Wood Slab Headboards...Yep! | Rochester, NY

  • 2 min read

Perhaps the best thing about wood slabs is their incredible versatility. Wood slab pieces can be used to create virtually any form of furniture—trust us, if it can be done, then we’ve made it. One thing we recently had a request for was a wood slab headboard. Now, we have put many live edge and wood slab pieces in Rochester area homes, and headboards are no exception. So why should you consider going with a wood slab headboard? So glad you asked!

1. Wood slabs can accommodate any design style. We have said it before and we will say it again, wood is the universal design agent. Meaning, whether your bedroom decor is modern, industrial, or country chic, a wood slab headboard will fit right in and probably enhance that style immensely

2. Your wood slab headboard will be unique.Think about it… How many people have a wood slab headboard that you know? While we have put some in Rochester, New York homes, we haven’t put all that many in. This means that your headboard truly will be one of a kind, perhaps even a conversation piece.

3. A wood slab headboard doubles as art.The great thing about wood slab furniture of any kind is that the incredible movement, richness, grain, and color of the wood lend themselves to artistry. Having a wood slab headboard up on your wall really is the equivalent of putting a piece of art up there.

4. There are so many wood slabs from which to choose. If you come on down to our mill, you will see exactly how much wood we have with which to work. This means that as the customer, you can even choose the tree that you want us to create your wood slab headboard from.

In the market for a new headboard? Why not think outside the box? Why not go with a wood slab headboard? We would love to help you create something truly inspiring for your Rochester home.