Working on a Wood Slab Desk | Woodsman Design Studio

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Here’s the thing about working from home—a phenomenon which we’ve all pretty much gotten acquainted with over the past couple of years—you want to toe that line between being comfortable and staying focused. Which leads us to your work area. Where you work, your surroundings, your desk and chair, all contribute to allowing you to be comfortable and still keeping you alert enough to stay on top of the task at hand.

At Live Edge Refined, we’ve created numerous wood slab desks for our Syracuse, NY area clients. We understand that they want to establish a home office space that reflects their personal taste and style and that is also pleasing to work within.
We get it, and that is why we are firm proponents of live edge, wood slab tables and desks for creating the optimal work environment. Now, certainly, we’ve done our share of live edge solid wood conference tables and desks for businesses. But here, we wanted to focus on the home office, as it is becoming such a staple in most of the country’s homes. Why have a desk that is just temporary and makeshift, when you can have a hand-crafted solid wood slab desk that truly makes a statement.
Reasons Why You Need a Wood Slab Desk

1) Comfort is everything. And we’re not just talking about ensuring that you have a comfortable desk chair—though that is important too. A live edge or wood slab desk lends itself to comfort in a broader context. The warmth and feel of the wood, the “homey” yet stately quality of it, all contribute to a truly comforting work experience.

2) Style should be important. Again, why have some run-of-the-mill plastic or composite piece of furniture as your workspace? Our custom live edge desks are incredibly unique—no two are ever alike given the nature of the wood slab itself. And they are most definitely stylish!

3) Get a piece that will last. When you purchase a wood slab desk for your Syracuse home office, you get something that you know will last, well, a lifetime. This is an heirloom piece that you can pass on from one generation to the next.

4) Consider your live edge desk an investment. We take pride in every single piece we create. And yes, we do look at our tables, desks and other such pieces as investments. They not only add value to your home, but they look amazing!

If you are in the process of designing your home office, we are here to help make it stunning. Our custom wood slab desks really will be the crowning piece in your space. Call today!