2022 Home Design Trends: Natural is In! | Woodsman Design Studio

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You might say the 2022 is poised to be the year where natural makes a comeback in terms of home design. From natural and live edge wood furnishings to the use of stone on both the exterior and interior of the home to color palettes that let themselves to more earthy tones, interior design in 2022 is all about reconnecting with nature, even when inside the home.

While certainly things like bold color palettes and more modern elements are still prevalent in home design, there is a shift or rather a blending taking place. People not only want to bring the outdoors in, but they want to make this particular vibe a part of their daily life.
Some things to keep in mind if you are considering remodeling and/or redoing rooms in your home this year:

- Overall flow is important. How you move about the room, how light moves about the room, how the space feels in general, really are all important to the overall aesthetic of the room. Not to mention the flow of a room lends itself to the general comfortability of that space. No one likes to be in a room that feels confining and cramped.

- Shades of brown are trending. As noted, more earth tone colors are making a strong come back this year. Brown is becoming a new favorite for many homeowners across the country. The great thing about the color brown (and the various shades therein) is that it really does complement any type of style or decor.

- Sculptural furniture is all the rage. And we’re not necessarily just talking about synthetically sculptured pieces. Especially with live edge tables or island tops, the natural curves lend themselves to both art and functionality, thereby escalating any kitchen or dining room.

Keeping Up with Home Design Trends: 2022

While everyone has their own distinct style and their own unique tastes, when it comes to home design there are certain trends that tend to be prevalent during a given year. Keeping up with some of these trends really does help make your home more stylish and thus, you might say, more House Beautiful ready!

1. Harkening back to the traditional. 2022 isn’t just about all natural elements or embracing nature in terms of your home’s aesthetic. For some homeowners, it’s also about incorporating traditional elements into their home design. This could include for instance traditional details like crown molding or how about more nostalgic patterns as far as rugs and furniture.

2. Incorporating sustainable elements. Yes, even when talking about interior design, sustainability seems to be the name of the game. Eco-friendly materials and, for instance, using reclaimed wood in terms of countertops or bar tops is all the rage right now.

3. Having a more rustic appeal. On one side of the spectrum we have the traditionalists, and on the other, those who prefer a more rustic look. This is especially where live edge furniture and solid wood tables really do come into play. It’s about using the inherent beauty and artisanal quality of a live edge slab to create a truly rustic appeal.

4. Integrating nostalgic decor. For many homeowners, elements from the 70s, 80s, and 90s bring back that nostalgic feel. In terms of home design, there are elements from these periods that work really well even in contemporary homes. Certain wood tones and fabrics for instance, really create an aura of nostalgia.
5. Having multi-functional spaces. Just as during COVID, our homes became our offices, the spaces within those homes are now seeing multiple uses. There are office/workout rooms for example. There are living room/recreational spaces. Kitchen can have family room type spaces. Who said one room has to have only one purpose?

6. Focusing on family comfort.Again, as prompted by the pandemic, one thing that families realize is that the home really does need to be a center of comfort and well-being. To this end, homeowners are doing everything they can to make those homes even more comfortable and even more welcoming. What says comfort more than the warmth of a wood slab table or countertop?

Whatever direction you want to take your home design in in 2022, we are here to help. We create live edge tables, kitchen islands, bar tops and more. The feeling that you get from one of your custom pieces is just that, a feeling. This isn’t about some mass-produced piece of furniture that lacks true character. This is about creating a solid wood slab table from the ground up. You can even choose the live edge slab if you like. Every kitchen table, every dining table, every island top is 100% unique—meaning, no one will ever have one just like it. This a legacy piece that you can keep in your family for generations to come. Call today and let’s design your new live edge piece together!