5 Gift Ideas for the Home Décor Enthusiast This Valentine’s Day | Woodsman Design Studio

  • 2 min read

What better way to show someone how much you love them this Valentine’s than by giving them something stunning, unique and aesthetically next-level. At Woodsman Design Studio (formerly TimberKrete) located in the Rochester, NY area, we specialize in custom live edge pieces that truly add a distinctive look to any home or office. We’ve actually been getting some Valentine’s Day gift requests, so we thought we’d compile a list of several wood slab items that just might make your Valentine smile!

1) A custom made live-edge table.Let’s start with the basics…Our live edge tables and other such pieces aren’t just about functionality—they really are, in some ways, works of art. No two are ever alike and just looking at one of our kitchen or solid wood dining tables, you can see the craftsmanship, the unique features and the inherent flow and warmth of the wood slab from which it was created.

2) A wood slab desk.With the pervasive shift to remote work, more and more people are investing in their home offices. This Valentine’s Day why not really make his or her office something special with a handcrafted wood slab desk. It might just make going to work a pleasure!

3) Live edge shelving.Whether you’re thinking floating wood shelves or perhaps a custom crafted bookcase, we have just about any wood species and type you can think of. And as we kiln dry everything on site, you can rest assured in the integrity of the live edge bookshelf for years to come.
4) A live edge kitchen island top. Who doesn’t want that premiere chef style kitchen? Renovating your kitchen island and replacing the run-of-the-mill top with something stunning such as a live edge maple or hickory top will definitely take your kitchen to the next level. A kitchen remodel really doesn’t get any more one-of-a-kind than this.

5) Add a customized bar to your home. The home really has become multi-functional—more and more homeowners are entertaining and hosting events. Adding a customized bar to your Rochester, New York house complete with a wood slab bar top will certainly help make your place the go-to home of the neighborhood.

Woodsman Design Studio custom pieces aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, our live edge wood slab generated pieces are designed for life. Functional, beautiful and artistic…Call today!