Design Considerations: Should You Stain Your Custom Live Edge Table? | Buffalo, NY

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There are really two schools of thought in terms of whether or not to stain your custom live edge slab table. On one hand, proponents of staining believe that any such finish helps to enhance the wood and really bring the features of its grain out. On the flip side, there are those who argue that staining a table detracts from the beauty of the natural wood. The question is, which side of the debate are you on? We’ve talked to numerous clients throughout Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY about this very issue…

Pros of Staining a Wood Slab Table

As we hesitate to take a definitive side here—we think both ways look equally amazing—we will offer a breakdown of some of the pros and cons when it comes to staining your handcrafted wood slab table.

1) Staining allows you to match your table to your décor. That is not to say of course, that natural wood doesn’t go with just about any design style. But when you opt for a stain, let’s say a darker walnut finish for example, you can potentially better blend this particular piece of furniture with the general style of your kitchen, living or dining room.

2) If you stain your live edge table, you can enhance the grain. It is true, there are certain stains and finishes that serve to bring out the grain in the wood. Depending on the wood species, oak or hickory for instance, this can be a highly desirable effect adding even greater beauty and artistry to your wood slab piece.

3) Staining doesn’t have to involve toxic materials. Some people are under the impression that all stains tend to be chemical-laden. This isn’t necessarily the case. There are some natural stains and staining agents that are completely organic and thus harmless.

Cons of Staining Your Live Edge Table

1) You are hiding the natural beauty of the wood to some extent. Once you stain a solid wood dining or kitchen table it becomes difficult to “change it back.” If you are someone who prizes the natural form of the wood, then staining may not be your best option.

2) You might be unhappy with the stain choice. While a certain stain or color may look great on a small sample, it can be a different story when applied to the entire table. You might actually dislike what the stain does to the overall look of the wood piece.

Whichever way to opt to go, we know that in the end you will have an amazing live edge wood slab table or island top for your Buffalo, NY home. We would love to consult with you regarding your ideas for your brand new table. Call today!