Take a Vacation in Your Kitchen: Install A New Island Top

  • 2 min read

Who says you have to spend a ton of money to go away on vacation—okay, so we’re not saying that getting a new kitchen island top is justlike a vacation, but it is something new, it is exciting and it can really make your kitchen look like paradise!

Kitchen island tops are truly at the center of the kitchen, meaning, they represent the heart of the space. What does your current island top say about your room? Does it suggest that:

· Your kitchen is out of date

· The island is too small and confining to really be functional

· The island top is chipped and has seen better days

· Your kitchen could desperately use a facelift

If, when you look at your kitchen island, this is that you see, then we suggest you consider installing a brand new island top to help really transform the space—a new one-of-a-kind solid wood slab island top.

Why Go with a Live Edge Kitchen Island?

The great thing about going with a wood slab kitchen island is that it really is different, it’s unique and it is guaranteed to become a conversation piece whenever you entertain family or friends in your Rochester, New York home. Some other key benefits of installing a live edge kitchen island in your home:

1) No one else will have the same island. The wonderful thing about wood slabs, particularly when done with a live edge, is that they are totally unique. No one will have a duplicate island top, you can rest assured.

2) It adds warmth to the space. The kitchen after all is the heart of the home. That heart needs some warmth! Wood is naturally warm. Its depth and richness lend themselves to an overwhelming welcoming feeling.

3) It truly is a piece of art. When you look at a live edge slab, you don’t just see some flat, run-of-the-mill piece of wood. There is movement and flow in the wood itself. The tactility of the live edge makes its presence known.

Our Rochester, NY Customers Are Reinventing Their Kitchens

We’ve done some amazing things with kitchen island tops for our clients. Just about any wood species you want, in any size and shape you can imagine. Call today and let’s design something spectacular together!