8 Unique Wood Slab Furniture/Décor Ideas | Woodsman Design Studio

  • 3 min read

Wood slab furniture is all about the wood; that is to say, versus other furniture types and pieces, wood slab furniture centers on the slab that is at the heart of the piece. So whether it is a table, desk or shelving unit, the interest and beauty of the piece comes from the wood slab itself. It’s live edge design, it’s overall shape, the grain of the natural wood, you name it

This year really is the year of natural elements and organic pieces. More and more Rochester area homeowners are moving toward integrating wood elements into their spaces. And why wouldn’t they, wood is rich, artistic and just plain stunning to look at. This is why Live Edge Table and Island got into business in the first place: we love the look and feel of solid wood furniture pieces and the texture and design of live edge, well, anything.

If you are considering integrating a solid wood slab piece into your home décor, we would love to give you some unique ideas in terms of what exactly you can create from a live edge wood slab. Below are 8 wood slab furniture/décor ideas for your Rochester, NY home in 2022.

1. Live edge dining room table. It doesn’t get any more classic than this. The dining room is after all where the family gathers, where you celebrate being together, have meals together, and take the time to catch up with one another. Imagine doing so around a solid wood table, created it from a live edge slab. Your vision brought to life and warming up the heart of your home.

2. A solid wood desk. Following the events of the pandemic, more and more people took to working from home. This meant that their office spaces or wherever they worked, really had to be comfortable and inviting. People are spending long hours at their desks at home. Replacing your current run-of-the-mill desk with a wood slab crafted desk really will make going to work a whole new experience.

3. Solid wood kitchen island top. Who said kitchen islands just have to be granite or quartz? New materials are being used to accent islands. The island after all, is at the center of the kitchen. What better way to spotlight that island than with a live edge custom top created from Hickory or maple, or red Oak.

4. Wood slab coffee table. Coffee tables sometimes get overlooked. And yet they really can transform a space however. Especially when you integrate a live edge slab piece as a coffee table, you are not only introducing something that is functional, but you’re making a statement with your coffee table.

5. Wood bookshelf. Bookshelves definitely do not have to be boring. Sure, they spotlight your book collection, and the book themselves represent color, art, and an eclectic flair, but the bookshelf can also be something that is interesting, if not downright stunning. Using live edge shelves, or a wood slab as the basis for your bookshelf really can take it up a level.

6. A wood slab wine rack. More and more, people are integrating interesting wine racks into their decor. Imagine hanging a live edge wood slab up that has been altered so as to accommodate wine bottles. This truly will make your Rochester, NY area home a really cool place for people to gather.

7. A master bath vanity wood top.Vanities are evolving; they’ve come an incredibly long way since even a decade ago. Now, people are using unique furniture pieces as vanities. And more and more homeowners are in fact doing vanities with wood slab tops. Why not? wood is versatile, great for a bathroom and it adds a ton of interest and artistry to an otherwise standard looking vanity.

8. A unique wood cutting board.Certainly wood cutting boards are fairly standard. But what about a cutting board designed from a solid wood slab? Now that is not something you see everyday. We can work with you to create the wood slab designed cutting board of your dreams!

This year why not introduce an exciting new piece into your overall design scheme? We can create virtually any type of wood slab furniture or décor piece that you have in mind. Call today and let’s get started together!