4 Tips for Staining Wood Slabs | Buffalo NY | Woodsman Design Studio

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While we specialize in wood slab tables, live edge counters and everything in between, we often do sell our Buffalo and Rochester customers raw wood slabs. This simply means that the slabs have been kiln dried but not yet finished. Although, we can take them to whatever level of finish you prefer; be it planed, or planed and sanded—anything can be customized.

People will sometimes buy a solid wood slab ready to finish (meaning ready for stain and final coatings), as they want to create their own table or DIY wood slab project. We can certainly accommodate.

So we wanted to offer a few quick tips on how to go about staining your maple, hickory, poplar, or oak wood slab (whatever wood species you happen to purchase).

  1. The longer you leave the stain on, the deeper and richer the color will be. With something like a black walnut slab, it already has a depth of color. So that may not require as much stain (if any). Whereas the highly sought after cottonwood slabs we sell, are fairly light in terms of tone and color. Leaving the stain on longer will definitely deepen the tone.

  2. Use a dry clean cloth to remove the last of the stain. If your cloth is saturated and you try and remove the wood stain from the slab, you will probably get random marks and swirls that you just don’t want to see on your otherwise smooth and polished wood slab.

  3. Brush or rub with a cloth against the grain. In this way you get into those deeper pores easier. And again, allow the stain to soak in.

  4. A stain is not protective. Without a final coat of something such as lacquer, epoxy or polyurethane, the wood remains more susceptible to scratches and dings.

The Premiere Buffalo NY Wood Slab Company

If you are looking for a slab for a project you’re eager to get started on, we can certainly help. Our inventory is vast. If we don’t have it in the shop, we can always go to our mill site and choose your ideal log. So wherever you’re located in Buffalo, NY, be sure to stop by and see the solid wood slabs we have to offer.