Cleaning Live Edge Tables | Woodsman Design Studio

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One thing we do get asked quite often—and so it bears reviewing—is how to clean your live edge table. Wood slabs do take some care. And for those Syracuse clients who have inquired about slab table cleaning, we wanted to offer a few tips and tricks for keeping your dining, coffee or kitchen table spotless and looking amazing.

Products to Use on Live Edge Tables in Syracuse
Unlike traditional finishes that you may find on mass manufactured tables, our custom wood slab and live edge tables have unique finishes. In fact, we can do any type of finish you request. That’s the great thing about working with a wood slab table artisan versus buying a table of which they crank out thousands.

A couple of things to keep in mind when caring for your live edge table:

  • Dust weekly. This is important. Because wood slabs do tend to have character and especially with the more distressed slabs, some pits and crevices, you want to avoid dust build up. All you need to do is take a lint free cloth to the table once a week. Also, avoid polishes. Certain wood furniture polishes contain silicone which can actually damage the slab table top.

  • Location, location, location. So heat can cause problems for your live edge table. If your table is placed too close to a fireplace for instance or a heat register, you could have issues down the road with the wood drying out and potentially splintering or warping.

  • How about some mayo with that…Did you know that mayonnaise can actually lift out water rings and some other minor staining? So don’t panic if your live edge table does get a water ring or two, just bust out the Hellmans!

Creating Wood Slab and Live Edge Tables for Syracuse, NY

We take pride in our projects—from wood slab counters, to conference tables, to live edge dining tables. We craft what the people of Syracuse want. You have an idea, a vision for your family room or dining room—stop by the showroom and let’s design your next piece together!