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When designing your new office space, the wood conference table is going to be of some importance. Syracuse companies want to make a good impression. They want their clients to feel welcomed during meetings. This is why we highly recommend a wood slab conference table for your Syracuse, NY based business. Wood is warmer, it’s got richness and texture that you simply cannot mimic with the likes of laminate or composite products. Below are five reasons why we think a wood slab conference table is the way to go…

Finding a Conference Table in Syracuse
So why a wood slab conference table as opposed to any other type of material…
  1. Wood makes a statement. And it shows that you’re invested in how you present your company. Rather than go the cheaper laminate or formica route, you’ve actually thought about the look and feel of the conference table. Wood slabs have an exquisiteness that cannot be duplicated.

  2. Wood warms up the space. Your Syracuse office could probably use some warmth and some character. Wood slab conferences tables offer both. You get rid of that sterile and uninspired atmosphere.

  3. Wood is interesting to the touch. Sometimes meetings run long. Those seated at the wood conference table can look upon the wood slab’s grain and texture, they can literally feel its movement. Hey, it gives them something to do.

  4. Wood slabs have a live edge. Wouldn’t it be quite unique to have a wood slab conference table with live edge. Not many Syracuse, New York businesses can probably say that..

  5. Wood lasts a long time. Actually, probably for as long as your company lasts. It’s not made cheaply using inexpensive materials. It’s an investment—a smart one!

Live Edge Table & Island: Supplying Syracuse with Wood Slab Conference Tables

We would love to help you create the perfect wood slab conference table for your office space. Our work is about art and design, not just throwing some legs under a flat piece of wood and calling it a day. We want to make your conference table vision come to life!