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Buying a new live edge, wood slab table is one thing. But decorating around it is definitely another. We’ve had the privilege of working with a number of designers in Rochester, NY—talent runs deep here! And we’ve learned a thing or too from them as far as decorating around wood slab and live edge tables. Everything from what kind of lighting hangs over the wood slab to what kind of throw rug rests beneath is important to keep in mind. Below are 3 tips to help those in Rochester who might be stuck when it comes to decorating around their brand new live edge dining table.

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  • First off, as mentioned, lighting is huge. And what’s more you want to layer your lighting around the solid wood dining table. Layers of lighting lead to enhanced ambiance. The rustic wood slab table itself provides its own version of ambience, now you just need the lights to go with it. Sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants—that’s the great thing about lighting today, there’s so much to choose from.

  • Think color also. From the centerpiece, to the linens, to the plates and the area rug in your dining room, you want everything to coordinate. It doesn’t all necessarily have to be of the same tone, but the colors you use should be complimentary to one another and also to that live edge dining table.

  • Speaking of the centerpiece, many people go a little crazy with it. Keeping it simple helps to make the wood slab table the star. Too much and too fussy and then the live edge slab gets lost in the chaos of it all.

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We love working with clients in Rochester, New York. They have so many great ideas and not just in terms of the type of wood slab table they want to have designed, but also in terms of how they decorate. If you have a wood slab table project in Rochester, we’d love to hear from you!