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The dining room is often overlooked and underused. The kitchen is the heart of the home. The living/family room is where you watch TV and hang out, but the dining room can sometimes serve as the family catch-all. Woodsman Design Studio is proposing that we start using our dining rooms again. Let’s celebrate this forgotten room and bring in one of our custom dining tables.

As wood slab table crafters, we of course have an investment in people returning to the dining room. A custom dining room table though may just give you a great reason to do so.

Without A Custom Dining Table Here is What Your Dining Room Might Become
First, picture your dining area with a gorgeous new solid slab table, a walnut table a luxurious handmade hickory table. The settings are nicely done, the food is warm and waiting. And your family happily gathers around the new slab table. Quite the inviting picture!

But, without a custom wood table here is how your dining room scenario might go:

The Homework Room. Certainly we want the kids to do their homework—but the dining room table? There’s got to be a better place. Besides with a one-of-a-kind live edge slab table, they might just be too mesmerized by the beauty and grain of the wood to focus on their work.

The Bill Paying Room. This will then transform into a place you despise. Checkbooks, envelopes, and those dreaded invoices. Now your dining room has become a place you avoid. Again, put a stunning wood slab table in there and you’d be amazed how it turns into a welcoming space again.

The Toy Room. For those with younger kids who need room for all of their “stuff,” the dining table gets moved right out to make way for the toys. Fun for them, but not necessarily for you.

Reclaim the Dining Room – Custom Dining Tables Make The Difference

At Woodsman Design Studio, we have seen the dining room totally transformed when one of our custom dining tables is brought in. It’s a space to gather, to enjoy a good meal, to unwind after your day. We would love to help you reclaim the dining room. Give us a call and let us create your dream table.