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I’ve been asked numerous times why live edge tables have become so sought after. I myself like any kind of wood slab table, but I think that live edge pieces have a certain artistry about them. People like that touch of nature, that raw waviness that a live edge table brings.

We’ve created hundreds of pieces and each one is totally and completely unique. But with live edge tables you get yet another layer of uniqueness. You never know where the edge, the shape or the design will take you.

4 Reasons Why You Need Live Edge Tables in Your Home

So you’ve googled live edge table. You’ve searched for custom made wood slab pieces that will bring your décor to a whole new level. And you’re still not certain if a live edge handcrafted piece is the way to go. Below are 4 reasons why you should definitely look into live edge tables.

  1. Live edge is pretty cool to run your hand across. Seriously. After making a live edge coffee table or wood slab dining table for a client, they always tell me how smooth and interesting it feels when they run their hand along the live edge. In the shop, customers who come in just can’t seem to stop touching the live edges.

  2. Live edge marries rustic with modern. We’ve made some really inventive pieces,and with live edge involved you really can bridge a few different styles. The naturalness of the live edge brings in the rusticity. While the industrial presence of the steel legs for instance, elevates it to a modern plateau.

  3. Live edge tables never go out of style. Certain pieces of furniture, or kitchen tables, or dining tables you can just tell what era they’re from. With a live edge table though, you truly get a timeless piece that will last for generations.

  4. Live edge tables = fewer sharp corners. You may laugh, but people buy those baby bumpers for a reason. With a live edge coffee table though, the corners are naturally smooth and rounded.

Check Out Woodsman Design Studio's Live Edge Tables
We would love to help design your next live edge table. From the species of wood, to the leg design, to the finish on the live edge itself, we really can create a family heirloom you can hold onto forever.