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The beauty of wood slab tables is inherent to the wood itself. It’s in the grain, it’s in the color, it’s even in the feel.Solid slab tables are unique because literally no two are ever alike. When you own one, in many ways, you own a piece of history as embodied by the tree from which it came.

Certainly, there are numerous stores and online retailers that offer “reclaimed” wood tables or “authentic” wood tables. And sure, some look very nice and the price point is attractive as well. The thing is, this is where the term mass production really comes into play. Dining tables, coffee tables and even solid wood desks, are produced in batches, by factories so that your piece, your wood slab table looks like everyone else’s.

Woodsman Design Studio's Wood Slab Tables vs. The Mass Produced

Here is our breakdown (and yes, we know we’re partial) as to why our solid slab tables are superior to those other wood pieces you can buy in bulk.

  • A wood slab table really can be a piece of art. Think about how gorgeous a walnut table or oak coffee table, or silver maple bench would look in your home. The grain, the texture, the amazing live edge profile. Literally, people won’t be able to stop looking at it or touching it. It takes the place of a great painting that your guests can’t stop talking about.

  • Wood slab tables can be traced back to their tree.Can you do this with a pottery barn table? Probably not.With Woodsman Design Studio's slab dining tables, you can actually pick out your tree. Just like going to a granite yard—find your tree and watch us turn it into something amazing.

  • It can take the wear and tear. If you have kids, pets, if you like to live your life, then you want a wooden table that can handle life too! The beauty of a natural slab table is that—depending on the finish—it really is meant to reflect the course of living. With some of our tables, you can put hot pans on them, cut on them, let your kids go arts and crafts crazy on them, and that added distressing simply enhances the look.

Wood Slab Tables – They Just Make More Sense

Of course we’re huge fans of all-wood tables. If you take a look at our lumber yard and shop, you can certainly see that. We’d love to give you a tour and help you pick out the perfect piece of wood for your new wood slab table!