5 Reasons to Get a Wood Slab Countertop | Walnut Counters | Woodsman Design Studio

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So you’ve decided you want something different than granite. You want to think outside the box as far as your new countertop is concerned. With a wood slab countertop, you have the chance to totally reinvent the look and feel of your kitchen space. Live Edge Refined has put in a number of solid wood countertops, from beauty bars, to private homes, to cafes. And with every single wood counter installation, the end result has been one that has visitors talking.

So Why a Wood Countertop?

  • Wood warms up the space. A wood slab countertop instantly brings a new level of warmth and richness. Especially set against stainless appliances, the contrast of the wood slab with the steeliness of the metal really does add another design layer.

  • Wood is more forgiving. At Live Edge Table & Island we have a specialized water resistant finish that we could do on your solid wood counter. And as with any counter surface, any of the finishes can scratch, but getting the scratch out is so much easier (and less expensive) with wood.

  • A wood slab counter is unique. Granite, quartz, Corian and laminate are all quite common countertop materials. Certainly there’s nothing wrong with any of these—but we’re partial to wood. Not to mention, fewer people have solid slab walnut or maple or oak countertops—which means yours will definitely be one-of-a-kind.

  • That’s the other thing—no two are ever alike. Because each wood slab is different, each with its own tones and grain and movement, there is never going to be another duplicate of your wood countertop.

  • Wood goes with everything. Whatever your style, whatever predominant color in your kitchen, a wood countertop will fit right in. Its deep neutrality makes a strong statement. That’s one of the things we love about wood counters.

Woodsman Design Studio Would Love to Supply Your Wood Slab Countertop
The process is easy. Simply go to our countertops page. Fill out the form and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your solid slab countertop needs. You really will be installing a work of art in your kitchen.