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The term handcrafted has been used in a variety of ways. Sometimes companies will advertise a handcrafted table and yet half of the piece is manufactured elsewhere. The base may come from China. Or the finishing is done in a factory. This doesn’t really seem like a truly handcrafted table to me.

At Woodsman Design Studio, all we do is handcrafted tables, start to finish. Even the way in which we slab the tree really involves a custom process. You know that when searching for a custom made table, with Live Edge Table & Island this is all you’ll be getting: wood slab, base and finish—handcrafted all the way through!

Why a Handcrafted Table is Superior

In our estimation, pretty much anything handcrafted is superior. Wood tables, especially, when fully custom, just make so much more of a statement. Below are some of the reasons why we think handmade wood slab tables are better than what you get from a traditional store.

  1. A handcrafted table is unique. No two are going to be alike. The workmanship, the craftmanship all drive the style and end result. Imagine your dining room or kitchen with a gorgeous one-of-a-kind live edge or slab table…pretty exciting!

  2. Handcrafted tables make an artistic statement. Coming from Live Edge Refined's slab shop, the custom tables we do all represent our vision and our creativity. Of course, the client lets us know what they want in the event of custom pieces, but still, our artistic stamp is always there.

  3. Handcrafted tables have a history. With a handcrafted table from our shop you know where the tree came from, you’re given a breakdown of the entire process it goes through. You can even pick out your own slab. And once this finished handcrafted table is in your home, you have a story to tell your guests.

Woodsman Design Studio Only Does Handcrafted Tables

Each wood slab table comes with a hand forged base, a meticulously applied in-house finish and that distinctive workmanship seen across every line and angle of your table. Want to see how it’s done? Come on into the shop and we’d be happy to work with you in designing that perfect handcrafted table.