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Slab tables are not just for the kitchen and dining room. We’ve created an amazing wood slab coffee table or two. You’d be surprise at how much character an all-wood slab coffee table can bring to the living room. Whatever species of wood, whatever size, you can be certain your family will adore your new living room table.

Why Go With a Wood Slab Coffee Table?
Certainly there are all kinds of materials used in making coffee tables. From metal, to granite, to even porcelain tile, you can pretty much find any sort of living room table style imaginable. So why a wood slab table? Well, here’s our take on why a wood coffee table is just better!
  • Wood goes with everything. Let’s say you have a slate coffee table top. I’m sure it’s beautiful. But now you’re looking to bring in a yellow couch. Once it’s in the room, you’re realizing you don’t like how the slate goes with the yellow. If it’d been a wood slab table, the yellow and brown would’ve married perfectly.
  • Wood is super easy to keep clean. No sealing required as you might have with certain stone top tables. A wood slab coffee table simply requires some cleanup with a damp rag and a little bit of pledge now and again to keep the rich, gorgeous finish.
  • We like the smell of a solid wood coffee table. There’s something that harkens nature, the forest, the tree from which it was made. It just makes your living room that much homier.

Woodsman Design Studio: For a Handcrafted Wood Slab Coffee Table.

We’ve actually created hundreds of wood slab coffee tables and each one is completely unique. We welcome you to come by the shop and see our inventory. Pick out the slab of your dreams and watch us craft for you a one-of-a-kind wood coffee table.