Slab Bench | Custom Wood Furniture | Woodsman Design Studio

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Have you ever looked at a bench, whether in the park, in someone’s house, even at a retail center, and wondered what it’s made of? Maybe it’s just us, but we are always looking at how custom wood furniture is crafted. And with a slab bench, there’s actually quite a lot that goes into its creation. From deciding on the perfect wood species, to designing the optimal leg system for it, building handcrafted wood slab benches takes time, attention to detail and artistry. This is what Live Edge Table & Island does best!

Solid Slab Bench 101: What You Need to Know

We’ve had numerous clients come to us looking for a slab bench. Many though aren’t quite sure where to start, especially in terms of the design. Here is a look at how we guide clients toward the perfect slab bench for them.

  • What is the function? This is perhaps the most important question we ask. For instance, will it serve in an entryway? Do you need to incorporate storage somehow? Will it be an outside wood bench? Particularly, if it’s going to be for exterior use,you want to make sure you choose a wood or a finish that will be weather resistant.

  • What color did you have in mind? This also goes back to where the bench might go. Do you want a lighter toned wood or darker to coordinate with the existing color scheme? Your choice will determine what type of wood species. Perhaps it’s an oak bench, or maybe a solid maple slab bench. Make sure it fits in with the space.

  • What level of comfort do you want from your slab bench? With a solid wood bench you’re not exactly getting the most comfortable piece of furniture. But you can include things like cushions, a back if you want more support, arms again for support. Comfort level also informs the bench’s design.

We Create All Kinds of Slab Benches
At Woodsman Design Studio, if it’s made from a wood slab, we can build it!Our slab benches are one-of-a-kind created from just about any species of wood, with any style base you can imagine. If you have an idea for an all wood bench, come on in and let’s design it together.