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Shopping for a new dining table? How about a slab wood table? We’ve created so many different types of tables from numerous wood species, that we would love to help you design the perfect new dining table. Maple seems to be a very popular choice. In fact, we just sent a maple dining table to a client in Philly. The base was composed of a mix of steel and wood and the finish on the slab was a conversion varnish that holds up to just about anything.

If you do happen to be in the market for a new custom table, be it a maple dining table, oak, cherry or any other type, here is a checklist you should bring with you when doing your shopping.

Maple Dining Table: The Checklist
  • Do they offer a warranty? This is important, particularly when shopping for a solid slab table. If the company isn’t drying their slabs correctly major issues could occur. You simply want to know that they stand behind their custom tables.

  • How was the wood slab dried? Again, an important one to ask! If it was air dried, find out how long and under what conditions. The best way of course is kiln dried.Woodsman Design Studio houses one of the only high frequency vacuum kilns on the east coast.

  • What type of finishes are available? From a natural oil based stain, to an epoxy coating, you can make the maple dining table or walnut table as shiny, matte, water resistant, or as distressed as you want. Just ask what’s available.

  • Do they deliver? This is a big one when talking about wood slab tables. Some of these pieces can way 700-800 pounds depending on wood species and slab thickness, and of course base material. Figuring out the logistics of transport is important.

We Have Maple Dining Tables and Any Other Type of Wood You Want

Whether your first choice is maple, red oak, hickory, even something unique like willow, we can certainly accommodate. Come down to the shop and see what we have for your new dining table.