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One aspect of a custom slab table that sometimes gets overlooked is the height. Height is very important. Think about it, you want it to be comfortable to sit at, you want to ensure it works well from an eating standpoint, and you of course want to make sure your new slab table looks good in the room. So what is the optimal wood table height? This will depend on the table’s function. Obviously, a slab coffee table will be different from a dining room table, which will be different from a wood console table, and so on.

In case you are wondering, below is some wood table height information for quick reference.

The Custom Slab Table: What Height Should it Be?

Custom Wood Coffee Table Heights:Now according to traditional logic, your slab coffee table should be about 1-2 inches lower than the seat of your sofa. And certainly this is a fine range. However, let’s face it, many of us like to eat in the living room. Gathered around as a family, watching TV, our custom coffee table becomes a true hub of activity. With custom slab tables, you have the advantage of making your coffee table any height you want. So perhaps going a little higher than the more conventional 18-20 inches would make sense for your family room.
Wood Dining Table Heights: For a standard dining table you’re looking at about 30” in height. This will ensure that you have plenty of room between the seat and the tabletop, but you also don’t feel too short when you sit down. More and more however, bistro height tables are being used in the dining room. This is more along the lines of what you would find in a pub. The height of a custom slab bistro table is generally 40-42”.
Solid Wood Console Table Height:Console tables are often found in foyers, in dining areas or also adjacent to the sofa back. With this type of wood table, you are looking at a height of 32-33”. But again, depending on where your wood console table is going or what its primary use is, you may have different height requirements.
A Woodsman Design Studio Slab Table: Any Height You Want
The beauty of an all wood, all custom slab table: we can create it to any height you need. So whether a new dining table, a kitchen table, pub style table or slab coffee table, we will work closely with you to design your new piece.