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Let’s talk about styles for a minute. With the advent of HGTV and all of those design shows,people are increasingly into a certain style or decor. Tables are a huge component of any room. And especially if you integrate a live edge dining table, you’re really poised to make a designer statement.

What’s your style? Have you really thought about this? Look around your home. Evaluate the overall décor. If you were to define a design style for what you have, what would you call it? And the more important question: how can you make it even better with a live edge dining table!
A Live Edge Dining Table Can Go with Any Style!
This is the beauty of the wood slab table. It’s solid, it’s substantial and it blends seamlessly with everything from modern to country. We’ve create pieces for timber frame style houses, for log homes, and also for city-based dining rooms and even museums. The live edge dining table truly does fit in anywhere. Here are some style ideas for your dining room and your new slab table.
  1. Farmhouse Style. If you like more casual, lived-in and still nicely appointed, then a farmhouse table may just be the one for you. It gives your dining room that warm and cozy feel and yet can still play the elegant card.
  2. Contemporary Style. Chic and clean is generally what goes with contemporary style. We can certainly do live edge dining tables in a more streamlined and modern way. Especially with some handcrafted metal legs—you will love the contemporary look and feel.
  3. Traditional Style. Live edge can definitely meet traditional. In fact, it really does give traditional a new and fresh spin. Add some stately looking chairs and you’ve got a dining room fit for a king.
  4. Eclectic Style. This is a great one, because it goes with essentially everything! From an array of colors, to art work from different periods and genres, an eclectic dining room gives the eye a lot to look at. Add a live edge dining table and you incorporate yet another intriguing focal point.

Woodsman Design Studio’s Live Edge Dining Tables Really Are Different

If you’re not sure what style slab table is right for you, we’d be more than happy to help. Come on into the shop and check out the various species, finishes and styles we have to offer. Your live edge dining table is waiting!