Stunning Walnut Table | Wood Slabs | Woodsman Design Studio

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There are plenty of wood species in the world that make for a gorgeous wood slab table. One of our favorites here at the shop, walnut. Black walnut especially can be transformed into a true masterpiece. A recent walnut table we completed was sold to a client who later requested walnut coffee tables as well given how many compliments he got on the walnut dining table. That’s what we love to hear!

The Benefits of a Walnut Table
With any wood slab table you’re going to get that richness of tone, a depth of grain, and mesmerizing movement. But with a walnut table, there’s that extra something special about it.

From spalted maple, to hickory, to red oak, we have made just about every type of custom slab table imaginable. And walnut is no exception. With our walnut slabs we’ve handcrafted conference tables, vanities, benches and even bar tops. Given our in-depth experience with walnut, we wanted to offer you a look at some of the benefits of this particular type of wood.

  • It’s incredibly strong. One of the strongest wood species around, walnut is highly durable and maintains its integrity better than some other woods.
  • It’s naturally deep color. Certainly some clients prefer a lighter finish and we can definitely accommodate. But with a walnut table you get this natural deep tone that can accent any room perfectly.
  • It’s easy to maintain. Due to its durability, it is more of a no-hassle wood species than some of the other wood slab tables we create.
  • It can darken over time. If you love that rich gorgeous color, stay tuned, because depending on the application and finish it may even get a bit darker as the years go on.

We Love Making Walnut Tables

Actually, we love making any kind of table. But with a walnut table, let’s just say, some of our best projects have resulted from working with walnut. If you have an idea for a walnut table, or any sort of wood slab table, contact us today and we will be thrilled to create your next masterpiece!