Exterior Home Design Trends

  • 2 min read

Outdoor entertaining has become more popular than ever before. Especially over the course of the past two years, when entertainment options were limited, the backyard really became the next big thing. This is probably why we were commissioned to create a number of exterior tables, bars and countertops, among other wood slab pieces. Rochester residents really do like to take advantage of the warm weather as they host gatherings, barbecues and various outdoor activities. At the center of many of these picnics and parties are the live edge solid wood tables we’ve been creating for Rochester now for years. Wood slabs really do make for great exterior furniture pieces.

What else is trending this summer when it comes to exterior and backyard home design…

1. Natural Stone

Natural stone just belongs, well, outdoors. This is probably why so many homeowners are in fact using natural stone products as well as stone veneer to accent things such as their decks, patios, the exteriors of their homes, you name it. Stone gives a space a rustic appeal but also one that has a modern feel to it.

2. Zen Areas

Even if you don’t create a specifically Zen area or garden, you definitely might want to think about adding a space in your backyard somewhere that is conducive to relaxation. Whether you include a fountain, some sort of flower garden that brings you inspiration, or you hang up the hammock, exterior trends are all about balancing peace, serenity, and of course style.

3. Timber Frame Porches and Decks

The great thing about incorporating timber frame elements into your porches and decks is that they really do elevate the way that space looks. Timber frame posts and beams and other accessories lend glamour and also rusticity--this is a difficult combination to find. Perhaps this is why we are working with so many Rochester, New York homeowners to incorporate solid wood timber frame elements into their home’s exterior.

4. Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

As we have said, backyards and outdoor spaces are really becoming the new standard as far as entertaining all over the country. We have many clients who request live edge kitchen counters and bar tops for their outdoor spaces. Creating these types of wood slab pieces really is a lot of fun.

5. More Neutral Color Pallets

Color is an important consideration for outdoor design as well. And with exterior aesthetics, we are seeing more and more homeowners move to neutral colors. Why? Probably because this enables them to have some fun with accents. Color can come in a variety of accented forms, even bolder colors.

If you are looking to transform your outdoor space this summer, we would love to help.Woodsman Design Studio creates both interior and exterior pieces that last a lifetime.Call today.