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Did you know that any design type or style can be enhanced with live edge wood furniture? And we aren’t just saying that because wood slabs are what we do. Truly, live edge pieces really help to accentuate a style that otherwise might be a little bit, shall we say, flat.

When we did our first live edge piece for a Rochester, New York area client, we knew we were on to something. It was a one-of-a-kind coffee table. We milled the wood slab after the client picked out the perfect tree. We then created a stunning and sturdy base design and installed the table for the Rochester homeowner. Voila…a love of wood slab furnishings was born that day.

Every day since, we’ve been working hard to perfect our craft. Our style has stayed true to wat we love: designing lived edge tables and islands among other pieces that bring a brand new uniqueness to a home or office space.

Here are just a few of the ways that live edge really does help to enhance any type of design style…

1) Wood slabs allow you to say something about who you are. That is the great thing about our process: clients can start by picking the piece of timber or tree that suits their needs and design ideas. Come on down to the mill and see the millions of board feet in raw timber we have available—you can literally spend a day looking through all of the different options. And when you pick out your tree, it is all you. That is where the unique part comes in.

2) Live edge can accommodate any other furniture you have. Live edge tables for example can blend perfectly with mid-century modern furnishings or how about mixing it up with some ultra-modern pieces? We have even had Rochester clients combine our live edge shelving units and tables with bright red, blue and green furniture pieces creating a totally eclectic look.

3) Wood slab furniture is going to be around for a lifetime. Many people wish to pass legacy pieces down to their kid and grandkids. And that is exactly what we want you to be able to do with your tables and other pieces. Wood slab tables are solid; they last a lifetime. They are pieces worthy of being passed from one generation to the next.

Work with Live edge Table & Island

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