Some Solid Wood Kitchen Island Facts | Syracuse, NY

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We specialize in live edge wood slab tables and yes, kitchen islands. There actually is quite a bit that people don’t know about the beloved kitchen island. When we install island tops in Syracuse area homes, clients immediately seem to fall in love with their kitchens all over again. What would your kitchen island look like with a live edge walnut, maple or oak top? We think it’d be spectacular!

Wood Slab Island Facts and Info…

1) Did you know that Kitchen Island started as just a wood table?

Fact: the kitchen island evolved over time from the wood farmhouse table. Families would gather there to eat or also to watch the meals being prepared. It then actually became a central part of the kitchen design. So much so in fact that a separate “island” was created (distinct from a dining room table).

2) Kitchen Islands are extremely handy as cleaning centers.

More and more people are using their wood slab islands as “hubs” from which cleaning can take places. Trash bins are located in the islands. Prep sinks are often standard parts of the kitchen island, thus allowing you to clean up following the cooking of a meal. Outlets are centrally placed along the island to allow you to plug in any cleaning accessories you may need.

3) Kitchen Island prices vary quite widely.

You can pick up freestanding smaller island for around $300. Whereas, depending on how intricate you get, a custom-made island complete with live edge top for example can cost anywhere from $2500-5000+. Really, an island in your Syracuse, NY home can fall into any price range. Interestingly, we’ve had some clients pick up an old vintage piece of furniture for relatively cheap and with a wood slab top, turn it into a stunning showpiece for their kitchen.

4) In smaller kitchens, rolling islands are recommended.

You want to have the flexibility of moving an island to accommodate space considerations in a smaller kitchen. Smaller rolling islands however can also be quite stunning. Again, it is all about the top—a live edge hickory top makes that island the star of the show.

5) Ideally you want to leave at least 42” between the island and cabinets.

Walkways are key to a functioning kitchen. If your island is too big or positioned too close to the rest of the cabinetry, then this will make walking around the kitchen and working in it a bit tough. Think strategically when configuring your kitchen island.

We would love to help you craft a custom island for your Syracuse home. You can even pick out the actual tree from which your island top is made. Call today!