Take Some Time to Enjoy Your Table! | Live Edge Tables

  • 2 min read

Today’s world is hectic—and that’s an understatement. We are busy working, trying to cope with world events and tending to the things we have to do in a given day. People ask us why we make the tables and live edge island tops we do. Part of the reason, I say, is to create a space where families, friends and loved ones can relax and gather together—regardless of how short or long a time. So, in this post, I wanted to talk about some of the reasons why our wood slab tables really are special, beyond just being beautiful pieces of furniture.

Celebrating Live Edge and Wood Slab Tables

When you think of your new dining table or kitchen island, you likely think about it in a utilitarian sense. That is to say, it is functional, right? You eat on it or prep food on it. Sometimes, the kids will throw their bookbags and sports bags on it. But why else is a wood slab table so important to a home…Some reasons you may not have thought of!

- On date night, you get to sit across from the person you love and hold hands while gazing into one another’s eyes. Yes, we do have a romantic side too! We can only hope that our live edge pieces will make it easier for you to enjoy a quiet and much-needed date night. And we guarantee that wood slab table will be around for your twentieth, thirtieth and fiftieth anniversaries.

- A table is where you have some of your most important life discussions. Think of the big moments in your life, the deep conversations, the important decision that you’ve made. Odds are, for some of those you were sitting around a table or the kitchen island. We like to know that we can help make any decision easier by at least giving you a gorgeous piece of furniture to sit around.

- A live edge table is the place you get to celebrate holidays and birthdays. When you picture your family and friends all together for a special holiday or birthday celebration, we’re pretty sure you’re picturing everyone around a table of some sort. Why not make it a spectacular table that will contribute to the inherent beauty of the festivity?

As you can probably tell we really do take a big picture view of our live edge wood tables and islands. And the Rochester clients we’ve created such pieces for, well, we certainly hope they feel the same. What would you like your table to be?