Live Edge and Charcuterie | Buffalo, NY

  • 2 min read

Charcuterie seems to be all the rage. Grocery stores, restaurants, bars, you name it and many do have a selection of what they label chart charcuterie. What is a live edge table company doing talking about charcuterie? Well, if you think about it, what is charcuterie most often served on? You got it…a wood board. Or rather, what you could call a miniature live edge wood slab.

Recently, we attended the Buffalo Home Show. We met a lot of interesting people and thoroughly enjoyed talking about, what else, live edge tables and islands. One thing we got several requests for were charcuterie boards. This got us thinking...

Why Use a Live Edge Wood Board for Charcuterie?

1. It adds dramatic flair.A live edge wood slab made especially for a charcuterie board has an artisanal element to it. This absolutely gives your presentation much more dramatic flair than if you were to serve the food on a simple plate or platter. The juxtaposition of the rich dark color of the wood set against the charcuterie definitely has an impact that your guests will admire.

2. It gives it more rusticity.Charcuterie is intended to be more of a rustic fare. What is more rustic than a live edge wood slab? It really does add to the overall presentation.

3. Wood is better in terms of preventing bacteria.This is why wood is predominantly used for cutting boards. Versus other types of surfaces, wood slabs aren’t as conducive to spreading or promoting the spread of bacteria. And when we are talking about food and food service, this is extremely important.

4. It is truly unique. How many people that you know have a custom designed live edge wood slab charcuterie board? We’re guessing not a whole lot. This is probably why we got so many requests at the Buffalo, New York home show. And we can’t start making them fast enough.

Whatever wood slab piece you have in mind, be it a table, an island top, a desk, a bookshelf or yes, a charcuterie board, we can help bring your vision to life. Our Buffalo area clients are highly satisfied with all of the stunning pieces we’ve created. Call today and let’s make something amazing together.