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So why are live edge tables trending in Buffalo, NY and beyond? Wood in general seems to be trending lately. Everyone from baby boomers to millennials, is falling on love with the warmth, movement and sheer beauty of wood tables. And when it comes to live edge, be it a table, counter or bar top, the fascination with this particular style seems to be stronger than ever. We’ve worked with clients across the country as well as those right here in western New York and the greater Buffalo region, and we know what sorts of live edge wood tables and furnishings you like.

Live edge wood perhaps harkens the innate feel of nature so popular now. The saying: bring the outdoors in, certainly pertains to live edge pieces. In some ways you can truly see the character and even the life of a tree in a live edge slab.

In talking to some of our local customers, we’ve discovered just a few of the reasons as to why live edge wood products are trending from Cheektowaga, to Clarence and all across the city of Buffalo.

Live Edge Tables Buffalo: The Results Are In!

Live Edge Makes a Statement
It’s different! Live edge gives the wood a distinct and unique feel that you just can’t get with a more uniform wood table look. Every single piece tells its own story. And when you place a live edge table in a room, whether kitchen, dining or living room, it really does manage to take center stage. In some respects, the room comes alive around the live edge piece.
Live Edge Tables Seem Warmer

There’s a warmth and richness in the gentle curve of the wood. There’s something so inviting about being able to follow the lines of the wood and thus appreciate the table or counter in its more native form.

Live Edge Takes it Back to Nature

Perhaps the main reason why live edge tables are so popular is because they have that undeniable tie to the natural world from whence they came. We do get to bring a piece of the outdoors in. And that rustic feel is what so many clamor for.

Supplying Custom Live Edges Tables to Buffalo, NY

Live Edge Refined specializes in all shapes, sizes and species of live edge tables. Based in the Greater Rochester Area, many of our clients do come to us from Buffalo seeking out that absolute perfect piece for their kitchen or dining room. If you don’t find what you want in our showroom, we have the resources and capabilities to craft anything—live edge, plank top or solid wood slab.