Wood Slabs and Upcycling | Buffalo NY | Woodsman Design Studio

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What exactly is upcycling? It’s something we’re genuinely excited about. Especially when talking about wood slabs and upcycling, this is what we do every day! We’ve all heard of recycling: taking things that would otherwise be tossed into the garbage and reusing them to cut down on waste. Upcycling is taking this same concept, but we don’t dismantle or degrade the integrity of the original product—we make it better! All across Buffalo an upcycling revolution is taking place—and we’re happy to be a part of it.

It’s Time to Upcycle Buffalo!
We harvest timber that would otherwise be chipped up or left to rot. And in our upcycling of that timber, we create timeless wood slab pieces that really become family heirlooms in many cases. People upcycle old doors, ladders, windows, virtually anything and turn them into furnishings and décor. We do the same exact thing with logs and raw wood that for all intents and purposes has no more life left in it. We give it a new life—we give that rescued tree a signature.

We’ve also worked with homeowners who’ve had a special tree that unfortunately has to come down. They want to preserve its memory. Using wood slabs from that tree we are able to create everything from coffee tables to live edge dining tables to benches and bookcases. It’s all about the level of care and creativity that goes into the upcycling project.

In the Buffalo, NY area alone there are so many beautiful species of trees—why send them to be mulched. Why not upcycle the wood slabs and make something meaningful, something that will last for generations to come…

The Only Company When it Comes to Wood Slabs and Upcycling in Buffalo, NY
We pride ourselves on creating tables, benches, any wood based pieces really that aren’t just practical but that are also, in many ways, art. And this is at the heart of the wood slabs and upcycling movement. Taking something with little life left and elevating it into something that could be placed in a gallery or showroom.