Live Edge Explained | Buffalo, NY | Woodsman Design Studio

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We’ve written a few articles in which live edge is explained. But we thought we’d touch here a bit more specifically on the subject as it seems to be such a popular wood slab table style. Working with clients throughout the Buffalo area, we’ve actually, almost exclusively, done live edge slab tables. There’s something just so intriguing about that live edge look that apparently people gravitate towards.

So what’s the low down on live edge; a few facts to keep in mind next time your shopping for slab tables in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or anywhere in the country for that matter.
  • Live edge is considered more eco-friendly.A definite bonus! Why…basically when milling a live edge wood slab, you’re utilizing more of the tree itself. You’re not just simply discarding the ends but rather incorporating them into the slab to give the wood more character.

  • Live edge slabs can have bark or be bark-less. It really is a preference Buffalo…Some people enjoy the greater rusticity of the bark look. While others like the smoothness that a de-barked live edge slab has.

  • Live edge can be more expensive. It’s actually a bit easier to create a more uniform wood table; whereas with the live edge table look, there’s more finessing required. That edge takes some time as far as the finishing.

  • Live edge is just cool looking. This one’s our preference. But we definitely see that our Buffalo, NY customers share our view. The custom live edge wood slab tables we create are stunning—in some ways works of art in and of themselves.

Questions to Ask About Live Edge

If you are shopping for a live edge table in Buffalo, there are a couple of questions that you should ask prior to making such a purchase:
  • Is the table constructed of a solid wood slab or is it several pieces of wood joined/glued etc.?

  • What is the finishing process for the wood slab live edge table?

  • Can I choose my wood species?

  • Do you hand finish the actual live edge?

We would love to discuss your table, countertop bench, whatever live edge wood project you have in mind. Call today!