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We’ve all heard the saying the “kitchen is the heart of the home.” If that’s true then the table is at the core of that heart, the aorta if you will. The kitchen table is where you sit, it’s where you talk about your day, have your morning coffee and play games even. It is central to our lives. That’s why when shopping for a wood slab or wood plank kitchen table, you really need to take your time and make sure it’s the right fit for your family.

The Kitchen Table: Differing Styles

According to a piece in the Washington Post, one of the most important things you can do for your family dynamic is to eat dinner together: is critical bonding time that you really don’t want to miss out on. Therefore, your kitchen table becomes all that much more important.


Not sure which kind of kitchen table or solid wood table is best for your home. Check out our kitchen table style guide.

  1. The Ultimate Gathering Table: This is the monster of kitchen tables. Large, spacious, a pure expanse of gorgeous maple or walnut. Whether a slab table or planks or even reclaimed wood, the gathering table features enough space for your family to spread out and have some fun!
  2. The Chic Bistro Table: Wood slabs and modern styling definitely go hand in hand when it comes to the kitchen table. Feel like you’re dining out on the town and yet still within the comfort of your home. A higher style kitchen table, the bistro table can give your kitchen or dining room more of a “pub-like” feel.
  3. The Country Harvest Table: We at Woodsman Design Studio really like this style because it embodies everything truly special about the word “home.” It’s generally got a worn and/or distressed look that gives you that lived-in feel. You can tell that with this wood kitchen table, a family really has been here!
  4. The Intimate Table for Two: here is where the kitchen table meets romance. Candlelight, gourmet food, enjoying spending time together. See how much a table can be responsible for…

Try Woodsman Design Studio for the Perfect Kitchen Table

Here is where we excel, creating stunning kitchen tables, dining tables, slab coffee tables, you name it, we can handcraft it. Not sure which style suits you—come on in and we’d be happy to help you decide.