The Anti-Bacterial Quality of Wood Countertops | Woodsman Design Studio

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So why go with wood countertops for your kitchen? This is a question people ask us quite often. And yes, we can certainly list out the benefits of using wood slabs or solid wood countertops over say granite or Corian. Wood is warmer, easier to repair scratches, it has a one of a kind uniqueness, and especially if you use lived edge counters, you really get a piece that’ll never be duplicated. But what many don’t know or don’t realize is that wood countertops also possess an anti-bacterial quality. And when you’re talking about counters for the kitchen, this is pretty important.

Wood Countertops in Rochester NY: The Anti-Bacterial Solution
So not only are wood slab countertops and live edge counters beautiful (they really do become the star of the kitchen) but they help protect against bacteria growth. Wood counters actually inhibit both bacteria growth as well as microbial growth. All around you get a healthier space and a cleaner kitchen. The important thing is that the wood countertop has to be properly sealed and cared for. We work hand in hand with our Rochester area clients to not only design the ideal maple, walnut, oak or hickory countertops for instance, but also to go over what needs to be done to maintain the kitchen counters.
Some studies have actually shown that choosing wood countertops for your kitchen remodel can eliminate 99% more bacteria than other types of counter material.

We Want to Be our Wood Countertop Installer

We’ve been fabricating, finishing and installing wood countertops throughout Rochester, New York now for almost a decade. Our experience and understanding of how to work with just about any wood species available are what set us apart. If you have a new wood countertop in mind, we’d love to talk design. Call today!