Wood Counters – The New Bath Vanity | Rochester, NY | Woodsman Design Studio

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Bathroom vanities have certainly changed over the course of the past few years. Now they can be constructed of literally anything. Wood counters for vanity tops are hugely popular—we’ve installed many in the Rochester, NY area. Clients love the texture, look and warmth that wood counters bring to a bathroom. It’s not all about tile and porcelain any longer. Wood is the new bath vanity!

Rochester, NY Bath Remodels with Wood Counters
As a turnkey wood slab and wood counter company we handle entire bath remodel projects start to finish. And the wood counters we put in range from floating style, to industrial maple counters, to elegant, more traditional walnut wood counters, you name it. Each project is different and each is fueled by the vision and ideas of the homeowner.
That’s the thing—there is no once size fits all approach when it comes to creating amazing wood bathroom vanities. Our Rochester area clients come to us with a certain style and aesthetic in mind. We take the time to genuinely understand what you want that finished wood counter to look like. And we create a piece that you can be proud of.
Wood Counters for Your Bathroom: How the Process Works

As we are located in Rochester, NY we have access to some tremendous raw timber. Fallen trees that would otherwise rot or be mulched make for incredible artistic creations. We have clients who actually come out to our mill site and choose the log that they want for their wood counters. Every step of the way, you have the chance to see your bath vanity project go from log, to wood slab, to gorgeous finished wood counter. We would love to quote your next bathroom remodel—stop in the showroom or give us a call and let’s start creating together!