The Best Wood Species for a Wood Slab Table | Woodsman Design Studio

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Our customers often ask us questions regarding the wood species that’s best suited to a particular wood slab table. That’s a tough one to answer, as virtually any type of wood species can work for a wood slab or live edge table. It really is a matter of preference in most cases: what tone / color are you looking for? Do you want a wood slab table with more character? What is your overall design aesthetic? We’ve worked with numerous Syracuse homeowners, creating wood slab tables using everything from spalted maple to black walnut.

Wood Slab Tables: What Species Should You Choose?

Below is a brief overview of just a few of the wood slabs we have available along with some of their notable characteristics:
Black Walnut –
  • Moderate grain

  • Darker wood tone

  • Often used for higher end furniture pieces and wood slab tables

  • Medium density

Red Oak –

  • Very strong in terms of density

  • Reddish tone

  • Quite grainy

  • Often used for flooring and trim applications

Maple –

  • Lighter in color

  • Moderate density

  • More uniform as far as grain goes

  • Used in many applications from flooring to wood slab tables

Hickory –

  • Very strong

  • Tends to have a lot of movement as far as grain

  • Lighter in color

  • Used for furniture, kitchen counters and islands among other applications

 Supplying Syracuse, New York with Wood Slab Tables

Our goal is to create that perfect piece for all of our Syracuse based customers. People will often come to the showroom with a rough sketch, or even just an idea in their mind. We then work together to design a piece that brings that vision to life. What we do is as much about artistry as it is about functionality. Call todayand let’s build your new wood slab table together!