The Size of Your Slab Table | Syracuse NY | Woodsman Design Studio

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When it comes to wood slab tables, we’ve created just about every shape, size and style for our Rochester and Syracuse, NY clients. One of the questions we get asked quite frequently regards slab table size. When dealing with solid wood slabs, you really can design just about anything.

So in this article, we wanted to focus on sizing your slab table and explain a little bit about our overall process.

Wood Slab Table: Syracuse’s #1 Designer

Often our customers will start at our mill site to kick off their slab table project. Because we have millions of board feet, we really can let you choose your “tree” and from there create the perfect solid wood piece.

Now, in terms of slab table size, what we’ve discovered working with Syracuse, NY clients is that there are no hard and fast rules. What you do need though is a solid understanding of your room size and its configuration. It’s recommended that you leave three feet between the table and wall in order to pull out a chair. Don’t forget to account for those chairs—they make your wood slab table functional after all.
Also consider the shape of the room. Sometimes if the room is more rectangular clients will opt for a square or circular slab style table to add some contrast.
Keep in mind too that you want to allow for two feet per person. This assures comfort and enough space for plates, glasses and silverware.


How Much Are Slab Tables in Syracuse

The cost of your wood slab dining or kitchen table is really going to vary. We take a number of factors into consideration, size of course being one of them. There’s also the type of wood slab to consider, the design of the base as well as the thickness of the slab used. We would love to discuss your Syracuse NY table project-- call or stop by today!