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Back in the day, the kitchen island was uniformly integrated with the rest of your cabinets. There was little variation in terms of size, color and island top. Now however, kitchen design has changed. And in Syracuse NY we’ve worked with so many homeowners as far as designing a solid slab kitchen island that transforms the look and feel of the space. Wood is an ideal surface for a kitchen island. Plus, if you integrate a live edge slab into your island, you add so much depth and movement to what might otherwise be a relatively plain space.

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Our process is very much personalized. Our Syracuse, NY customers can come to the mill site. From there they can pick their ideal species of wood. Let’s say your kitchen counters are fairly light, perhaps you want a darker toned slab island top to contrast with this. You might opt for black walnut as that certainly has great richness in terms of color. Or, if you’re going for a more modern look in the kitchen, you might choose something along the lines of maple. The grain is a bit tighter and the color light with a more contemporary feel.
Helping You Design the Syracuse Kitchen of Your Dreams!
We want to give you choices and we want to make your kitchen really standout. The kitchen after all is the heart of the home as they say. And where do you most often gather…around that kitchen island. Make it a solid slab kitchen island, make the top something that is not only functional but that captures attention by virtue of its look and feel, and you’ll be amazed at how inviting that space becomes.

We would love to sit down with you and design the perfect slab island top for your Syracuse, NY kitchen remodel project. Call today and let’s get started together!