Live Edge Conference Tables | Syracuse, NY | Woodsman Design Studio

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Yes, live edge conference tables are trending now! Gone are the days of the old style laminate or formica conference tables. The rectangular spindly leg tables that offer no interest or character are a thing of the past. We know because we’ve worked with numerous Syracuse based companies to create live edge conference tables that actually bring something to the space. They warm it up, they make it more inviting for your team members. And we do like to think that our solid wood conference tables help make your meetings more meaningful.

Why A Live Edge Conference Table for Your Syracuse NY Company?
We thought we’d give you our take on why a maple, oak, or black walnut conference table could potentially change the way your company does business…
  • A Live Edge Conference Table will make the space feel homier. Yes, we get it, it’s not home, it’s your workspace. However, there’s just something about wood slabs, and particularly wood slab conference tables that bring a feeling of warmth and texture. The space doesn’t seem so sparse and sterile. Your employees will appreciate it!

  • With a live edge conference table, you’re adding interest and a touch of art. With how we do conference tables, you’ll definitely be adding that artistic element to your office. Live edge alone provides so much to look at and feel.

  • You also add a bit of history to your conference room. Because we source our timber from the Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester areas, there is that inherent connection to the region. Nothing says history and legacy like a tree. Think of how old some of these trees are and consider how your wood slab conference table ties you to that small piece of history.

When Looking for a Wood Slab or Live Edge Conference Table in Syracuse

Our process is a bit different. We even let customers pick out the very tree from which their conference table will be crafted. It truly is a complete tree to slab table experience. And we design all of our live edge conference tables in conjunction with the customer so that we perfectly capture your vision.