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Finding a custom made wood slab table is one thing, but how do you go about finding just wood slabs for sale in Buffalo, NY. We have a number of customers coming to us looking for stand alone wood slabs. Be it for a DIY project, to build their own wood table, or even to hang on the wall as a piece of décor, the possibilities of what you can do with a wood slab truly are endless. While we can certainly build any piece of furniture a client desires, we can also get them pretty much any style, species and size of slab they want as well.

Buffalo, What Can You Do With a Wood Slab?

So what are some of the most popular uses for wood slabs. To those DIYers out there, we know you like to get creative…Here are some of the more creative ideas our Buffalo customers have had for their wood slabs.

  • Wall décor. Depending on the slab thickness, you can certainly hang it on a wall. Wood is inherently beautiful. And also depending on the wood species, there can really be some intricate movement as far as the grain—we like to think this is art in and of itself. We’ve even created pieces that mimicked the shape of the tree from which the slab came.

  • Shutters. Again, you’d need a slab thickness to accommodate being hung upon the wall. But you can use wood slabs to look like interior shutters when adorning each side of a window.

  • Bar tops.Who doesn’t love a solid wood bar top. Especially if you get a slab with a live edge, it can add a ton of interest and character to any bar!

  • Benches. Whether indoor or outdoor, wood slabs make for terrific benches. If you do intend to use it outdoors you’re going to want to seal it properly as otherwise the wood slab can start to warp and twist.

Selling Buffalo Wood Slabs

We can certainly set you up with any type and size slab you need. We have millions of board feet of raw inventory. Come to the mill site and select your slab or even start by picking your log!