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A lot can happen around a conference table. Deals are done, employees interviewed, major transactions enacted. Having supplied conference tables for a number of Buffalo based businesses, we understand that it really is more than simply a piece of furniture. Your conference table says a lot about your business. We’ve even custom designed some that were as much art as they were functional piece of furniture. Picture a solid wood slab conference table with handcrafted waterfall edge—now that’s a conference table!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Conference Table in Buffalo, NY
As you shop for a conference table in the Buffalo NY area, keep in mind, this particular wood table really well be a part of how your company presents itself to potential clients. A few things to consider before conference table shopping:
  • Size.Size is important when choosing a conference table. What’s the average size of your meetings? Will a table for 8 accommodate? Perhaps your conferences are a bit larger. We’ve actually done some wood tables for businesses that can seat upwards of twenty or more.

  • Style. Just as with home design, your office space probably has a distinctive design style. Be it more rustic, industrial, or modern and minimal, your conference table needs to fit in with the overall scheme.

  • Shape. Contrary to popular opinion, wood conference tables don’t just have to be a standard rectangle. We can actually construct any shape you like, from square, to l-shaped, to oval.

  • Budget. Certainly this is an important one. Conference tables can be made from anything; laminate to solid slab wood. We of course specialize in supplying clients in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and beyond with wood conference tables. And we work with a variety of budgets.

Buffalo’s Leading Supplier of Wood Slab Conference Tables

We would love to help you design the perfect conference table. Whether you’re interested in walnut, oak or maple, among other wood slab species, we have a vast inventory from which you can even hand pick the log for your table. Call today and let’s build something together!