What is a Live Edge Slab? | Woodsman Design Studio

  • 2 min read

Because we are so focused on creating amazing live edge tables and island tops for our Rochester, New York clients, it seemingly has slipped our attention that some people may not know exactly what a live edge slab is. So we thought, in this blog post, we would break down what live edge means, and in simplest terms, go over what a live edge slab really is.

Getting to the Wood Slab
First off, when milling raw timber, you are running it through a sawmill and then essentially slicing it into pieces, or slabs. The way in which the resulting slab looks and consequently, the edges of that slab are what comprise the live edge look.
Some people opt to keep the bark on the edges. This tends to be for a more rustic, log cabin style looks. Usually with a live edge slab, there is no bark and in undergoing the planing, sanding, and finishing process, that live edge gets smoothed down. The effect truly is a beautiful one when done correctly.
Now, in some cases depending on the overall aesthetic that you’re going for with a kitchen island or dining room table, some people might opt to square off the edges of the slab. This is perfectly fine as well. However, the piece that you have is no longer considered a live edge slab table or a live edge island top.
Think of it this way, when the tree was in fact alive, it had certain lines and a natural form to it. When milling that fallen timber, if you choose to preserve the lines and form, then you are mimicking to some extent what that tree’s shape was when it was standing. This is where the term live edge essentially comes from.
Is a Live Edge Table Right for You?
This will totally depend on your own design style, the overall look that you’re going for, and your personal preferences. Here at Woodsman Design Studio, we absolutely love the look of live edge, as you can probably guess. But that’s not to say that we also don’t like what a more formal and contemporary lined table looks like as well. Whatever type of island top, kitchen table, bar top, or dining room table you have in mind, we can create it from our selection of distinctive wood slabs. Call today so that we can transform your Rochester, NY home or office with our custom wood creations.