Why Are Live Edge Tables Expensive? | Buffalo, NY

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This is a fairly frequently asked question. People go online to sites such as Wayfair for example, or even Amazon, and see dining room tables or kitchen tables that are a fraction of the price of what a live edge table costs. Naturally, they wonder about the expense of a live edge, wood slab table. Why are wood slab tables more expensive than mass produced tables? In this article, we attempt to answer this question and hope to clarify some of the cost behind a live edge or wood slab dining room table.

Mass Produced Versus Custom Made

First off, there is the whole handcrafted aspect of a wood slab table. This means that a great deal of time and effort go in to creating a live edge dining or kitchen table. Whereas with a mass produced table, you get a factory generated product, most wood slab tables are in fact handmade. The pieces that we have put in Buffalo New York homes represent true craftsmanship. And because they are all custom, no two pieces are ever alike. You really will have a one-of-a-kind!

The Process of Constructing a Live Edge Table
As with any piece of furniture that is unique and consequently well done, there is a fairly in-depth process that goes into creating each and every wood slab table or island top that we send out. From choosing the tree type, to milling the raw timber into usable slabs, to drying the wood slabs so that they are able to maintain their integrity forever, and then of course there is the finishing process…Each and every step takes time, energy, and a commitment to cultivating the perfect end result.
Live Edge Tables are An Investment
When you buy something online such as a table or some other piece of furniture, you might be expecting to get a few years use out of it. With a live edge dining room table or a wood slab kitchen table, you can expect a lifetime of enjoyment from it. These pieces truly are an investment, heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation.
Should You Invest in a Wood Slab Table?
If you are looking to add depth and dimension to your Buffalo area home, we would like to be a part of it. We have worked with numerous customers throughout Western New York, designing handmade pieces that will in fact last a lifetime.Call today and let’s get your design started.