Our Favorite Wood Slabs for Tables | Buffalo, NY

  • 2 min read

Our customers will frequently ask us “what type of wood is best for a kitchen table?” Given the profundity of species available, it really is hard to settle on one wood type or one particular wood slab for a kitchen or dining room table. However, in the interest of answering the question about what wood slab type is best for a table, we thought we’d give you our insights into some of the different wood species and their benefits.


Definitely a favorite among our Buffalo, NY clients, maple tables and island tops are absolutely stunning. The benefits of going with live edge maple for your table are:

  • The natural color. Rich and warm, you can’t go wrong with leaving maple in its natural state.
  • The spalted look. Maple, when it starts to decay, gets spalted; meaning, you start to see some black in it along with other distinctive markings and this can truly be beautiful.
  • It is easy to work with. Versus some other wood types, maple is a dream to work with.
Black walnut is prevalent in western New York. This makes it easier to get a hold of versus some other wood slabs.
  • It has a distinctive look. Black walnut isn’t only darker, but also has a unique grain and flow to it.
  • It is a very durable surface. A very hard wood slab, black walnut does hold up to a great deal.
Red Oak
  • Oak is a very popular choice, and for good reason. It is not only durable but quite beautiful to look at.
  • Oak can have a bold grain. Keep in mind, when working with wood slabs, every slab is different. When it comes to oak though, you almost always get a pretty interesting grain.
  • Oak is inherently warm. Especially a red oak island top—imagine how it will warm up your kitchen and make it that much more inviting.
Whatever type of table or live edge island top you’re looking for, whatever wood species, whatever wood slab style, we are here to accommodate. Let’s transform your Buffalo, NY home together!