Why Were Dining Room Tables Invented?

  • 2 min read

Tables of course have been around for…well, forever. But have you ever thought about the evolution of the dining room table? Admittedly, we’ve spent a minute or two thinking about tables, given that everything we do centers around wood slabs and live edge tables. For those who are interested, here is our quick take on how the dining room table came to be.

Dining Room Tables in Ancient Times
If you’ve seen any paintings or depictions of Greek and Roman times, then you’ve probably seen people gathered around tables, drinking from giant goblets and eating whatever it is they ate. While there is some validity to this depiction of the table, most will argue that dining room tables per se did not become popular until the 15th and 16th centuries. And usually, such tables were only featured in the houses of the upper classes.
The kitchen was separate from any sort of dining rom. And the dining room itself resembled a great hall, more like a banquet room than a place where a family would gather to eat at the end of the day. In fact, during this time, dining room tables were quite large and most often used during special occasions.
The Dining Room Table Shrinks
As we move into the Victorian era, we see the dinging room table evolve. In other words, it is now starting to look more like what we consider a table in a typical house to be. During this particular period, gatherings became smaller and cozier and thus required a more intimate setting. The giant dining table of the Great Hall days would simply not work within many Victorian homes.
And of course, as we move into the 20th and 21st centuries, the dining room table begins to take on the shape and size more common to what we find in modern homes. The dining table is no longer a status symbol but instead, it is a symbol of family, of breaking bread, of togetherness and joy.
At Live Edge Table and Island, this is exactly what we prioritize in design: creating a piece that inspires togetherness and joy. This is precisely why live edge wood slabs make for amazing dining room tables-- they are rich, warm and inviting. What more can you ask from your table?
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